Musilizer — Flutter Music Template

If you are a developer and want to reduce development time, you should find a ready-made, user-friendly, and eye-catching music player app for both Android and iOS.

According to new stats and reports, around 70% of Americans are very familiar with podcasting. (see more info here)
Daily time spent with music has been increasing in recent years. So users want to have an easy and straightforward app to play their playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, and …
People checking out the thousands of mobile templates which are available on the Net to find the best one.
As most users play their favorite playlists on their smartphones, we provide a fantastic template. This template has made with Flutter, which is an open-source UI SDK created by Google.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit that is designed to allow code reuse across operating systems such as iOS and Android. This free and open-source UI SDK framework was introduced by Google in 2017. Dart is the programming language used to code Flutter apps. Flutter is now one of the most popular frameworks.

Musilizer — Flutter Music Template

Musilizer is a ready-to-use music app template that saves you plenty of times. Using predefined front and internal pages, developers can configure them however they want.
Tracks, albums, podcasts, audiobooks, it all works with Musilizar. This app is here to help users sort out all amazing music.

Musilizer is a flutter application for Music Player.
  • easy to customize
  • settings for profile visibility
  • login, signup, and forgot password screens
  • Minimalist, clean user interface
  • awesome looking
  • provides all expected functions like sorting
  • low price
  • great performance